#2017Throwback: If You Can Be Any Investor, Be Warren Buffet

This year, on a Delta flight with in-flight entertainment, I watched an awesome HBO documentary on the life of Warren Buffet. As if I couldn't have any more respect for the man, I did even more. In fact, if I ever become a billionaire, I hope I am a billionaire like Warren Buffet.

Despite being one of the richest people in America, with a net worth of $65.5 billion, he has maintained a level of modesty and empathy for the marginalized groups of society.

We live in a world desperate to get rich quick, and many investing advisors promise (some even use that forbidden "g" word -- guarantee) that you'll make money fast. That is not what investing is about. What Warren Buffet has done with Berkshire Hathaway since the 1960s is quintessential investing.

Consider this: the following chart shows what $1,000 invested in Berkshire Hathaway's stock at different times since 1964 would be worth today in MILLIONS of dollars. Even if you had invested in the 1980s, nearly 20 years after the earliest shares, you'd still have close to $1 million. If you had bought shares in 1965, you'd have close to $14 million by retirement today. All from $1,000...pretty incredible.

The most incredible part is that the approach to investing is very simple: focus investing allows you to pick the best of the best companies and ride them higher indefinitely. Ignore the noise, recessions and new trends -- stick to companies that you know and understand.

The Lesson? If you can be any investor or adviser; be Warren Buffet.

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