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Our Mission


We understand that economic recessions and blatant mishandling of money at major banks and brokerage firms have left many investors feeling lost, confused, hurt and fearful - and the pain is far from over. Many financial institutions have not learned a thing from the Great Recession, but fortunately, there are financial startups who look to engage in fiduciary relationships and put people over profit.


Here at GradMoney, it is our mission to bring the following 3-E's to our readers and clients:

Empathize - The stock market is only difficult to understand when you listen to the wrong people; they want you to feel powerless so you will spend more money and incur more fees just to receive help. At GradMoney, we can empathize because we've been there too. After watching people get walked over, we decided that is time to do something about powerless investors, no matter if you are just starting your financial life or if you're well into retirement!

Educate - You know the old adage: give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll eat for the rest of his life. Our goal is not to provide you with the best "stock picks" or tell you about the latest craze that you simply MUST own. Our goal is to provide you with the tools, resources, and skills needed for you to make smart investing decisions for yourself and not fall victim to sleazy brokers and subscriptions that promise you will "get rich quick." 

Empower - Knowledge is power and we want everyone who passes through GradMoney to feel powerful! By taking control of your own investing, retirement and finances, you not only take control of your own life but also have the ability to greatly impact the entire world through financial practices that are meaningful to you. We want our readers to feel in control of their investments 100% of the time, and we respect any and all personal investing choices. 

It all started with a stock...


Back in 2013, Jenny had an idea. After  watching dozens of investors fail miserably at attempts to trade on their own because brokers had swindled them out of thousands of dollars, she knew something had to be done to prevent more generations from ending up in the same boat. Her mission is now to get young adults engaged, interested, and critically thinking about the economic world and how it impacts investing and ultimately their financial future.


She then created, GradMoney which is an investing education platform and with a goal to prepare novice and experienced investors for a strong financial future by offering programs that demonstrate the analysis process for selecting stocks to include in their own retirement and brokerage accounts. In addition to education, Jenny also helps walk readers through the process of selecting their own stocks and is willing to provide clients assistance with their existing portfolios. 


Our mission is to one day become a non-profit organization offered in every institution for secondary and higher education in the United States. We are looking for any and every opportunity to engage young adults (and novice investors)  by promoting analysis tools and tricks to take control of their finances and invest for a better world. With your support, we can bring quality economic and financial education to every young person in America.

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